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Hon Secretary: Marlene Evans Phone: 0161 790 9380.  E-mail:


 You must have a have a computer/laptop/notebook or smart phone to take part with Internet connection.

Open to all IA-Manchester members’ stoma care nurses and medical professionals.

The Coronavirus may be with us for some time yet, perhaps summer, or even longer according to the government. With this in mind the committee are holding  a ZOOM Video Conferencing meeting.

To be held on Saturday 20th March 2021, 10-12 noon.

 Manufacturers’ representatives joining the meeting are.

Sarah Mallen - Coloplast.   Jenny  Chivers - Convatec.  Leanne  Hunter Dansec.

James Abraham - Pelican.-  Linda  Nicolson - Salts.

 A stoma care nurse (If available)  to answer any problems.

Guest speaker is, Ms Sinead McParland (Dietician) based in Northern Ireland -  plus the IA-Manchester members who wish to take part.

There is no need to install the full ZOOM app for this new adventure for IA-Manchester?

If you have not used ZOOM before you will have to register. The service is FREE for members who wish to join.

If any members’ are interested joining our ZOOM meeting please submit your details to:

Secretary: or phone: 0161 790 9380.

Or   Chairman:

Nearer the time you will be sent via e-mail your log on details, your meeting URL: meeting ID: and pass code to join.  

The link below will explain how to use ZOOM.

How to join a ZOOM meeting

Here is a link to set up your smart phone >>